We become attached to many things, but God alone must be the object of our devotion, adoration, and passion.    If you want to transform your life, then find something you are passionate about and make it work for you.    You must be willing to form your passion without all the answers, but obey and trust God to enlighten you at appropriate times.     When you give it all up, walk away and embrace your God-given passion, you will experience a great return on your investment.


PRAISE FOR Giving It All Up

Darrell WhitemanDr. Smalley’s riveting story of overcoming obstacles, chasing after success and finding it, is the classic pursuit of the America Dream. Climbing the ladder of success is deeply ingrained in the American worldview. We are taught to rise to the top as quickly as possible so we can have more power and influence. With Smalley’s many gifts and talents she rose quickly in her profession, but having attained what she had been pursuing she chose to follow the Jesus path instead of the fast track career path. She chose to give it all up for the sake of the Kingdom and it has made all the difference. Her story will empower your story to give it all up, to abandon your frenetic climb to the top, and then experience the deep fulfillment and satisfaction of walking with Jesus and joining his mission in the world.
Darrell Whiteman, Ph.D., Interim Executive Director, Overseas Ministries Study Center, New Haven, CT

Babbie MasonShelia Yvette Smalley is a gift from God to me. The very moment I met her my life became richer, deeper, sweeter, fuller, and better. I consider her a genuine, lifelong friend.
Babbie Mason, gospel singer, songwriter and author

David TrobischWhat a precious manuscript! Well written, full of suspense, the rhythm between storytelling and wisdom sharing is perfect, the problem of giving up security to serve others is timely and in our present economic situation extremely challenging and will ring true with just about any audience.
Dr. David Trobisch, New Testament Scholar

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